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February 2022

Last month I mentioned improving your branding as a way of increasing your income. And I had several emails asking how you can do that. Basically your brand is what you are known for that differentiates you from others Your brand is about you but its focused on attracting customers.

To identify your brand firstly be specific write down 10 words that describe you and what you do
e.g. Landscape artist, Northumberland, contemporary, coastal scenes, tutor, watercolourist, walker, dog lover etc. These will then help you describe YOUR brand.

Elizabeth White Studio
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From this create a brand signature, a few words that you will put on all your stationery, social media etc. Handmade porcelain jewellery inspired by English roses. You can expand this on your website.

Secondly, look at some of your fellow creatives, This description below of Cassandra from her website immediately made me want to look at her work. Because she sounds so interesting I think her work will be too.


Cassandra is a designer, gemologist, alchemist, adventurer, writer and polyglot. She feels strongly that jewels should be carried forward for future generations, she has an artist’s sensibility, a writer’s ear for a story, and a scientist’s eye for detail. She is a habitual avoider of the limelight, yet also a restless explorer – and a lover of bringing people together for a relaxed dinner or at one of her inspired parties.

Don’t spend forever on your branding, produce something, try it out and see if it works and if it doesn’t change it. Remember YOU are your business.

Good luck!

The image at the head of this blog is one of my new prints that I am releasing in February in my Etsy shop


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