Elizabeth White


Liz White Artist Littleborough

Summer 2022


How are you coping in all this heat? I am hearing of problems with materials melting, outdoor events where all people want to buy is ice cream. And difficulty with the creative process.

On the positive side I am also hearing that internet sales are going well as people shop at night on their computer rather than trailing through hot shopping centres.

So here are some tips on creating in hot weather:

  • A word of warning if you sell prints or printed items check they are lightfast,
  • If you use a label printer remember that their inks may fade.
  • Keep acrylic paints in the fridge but remember to take them out a while before use.
  • Check out your studio, people working in old mills are having a great time unless they are on the top floor. Is there anything you can do to make it more comfortable.
  • Get up at 6am and be out there working by 7am while it’s still cool or try working in your studio at night.
  • Use plenty of water, both in your washes if you paint and to drink!
  • If the temperature outside is hotter than inside, close doors and windows.;
  • Make the most of those lovely cast shadows, and they will be at their best at 7 am!
  • If I’s too hot to create then revamp your website or shop

Don’t get too depressed it won’t last for ever!

By the time you read this it will probably be raining. The image at the top of this Blog is one of my favourite paintings by Winifred Nicholson. Just looking at the sea cools me down.

Good Luck!