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March 2022

What are the interior trends for 2022?

If you supply the interiors market it is important to research the trends and identify the colours and themes which are going to be important this year. Whilst the integrity of what you produce is important if by changing a colour or producing new designs you can widen your market then the time spent researching trends can be valuable.

How do you research trends?

One useful method is by reading interiors magazines particularly Elle Decoration, or reading articles on the internet such as in housebeautiful.com. Alternatively there are television programmes devoted to interiors and a walk round the shops can provide inspiration. The internet of course is valuable and Pinterest is a good source of ideas.

So what is trending for 2022?

Statement Lighting – Lighting is becoming something more than a way of improving the light source in the room. Lights are now beautiful items in their own right. There is a particular demand for vintage inspired lights and lights in sculptural forms.

Sleep –  As many of us reclaim the bedroom as a place of sleep and relaxation instead of a workspace, people will be looking to recreate a calm, peaceful sanctuary to retreat to with calming colours and comforting textiles

Shades of Green – All shades of green are predicted to be popular this year. Pinterest has seen searches for green interiors inspiration increase by 80% this year, as we embrace the trend of bringing the outside in.

The Countryside – Last year our desire for a cottagey interior was dominant and this seems to show no sign of waning, think of meadows and wildflowers, floral prints and chalk surfaces.

Sustainability – 2022 will see a continued increase on the importance of sustainable materials, the reuse and resale of furniture and homeware. If your products fit into this market then make sure your customers know and that all pieces are clearly labelled.

Spend some time researching the trends that impact on your product or artwork and it will prove invaluable.

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